The Gospel

By Billy Roper


Some new stories may be seen as “good news”, while others are decidedly depressing, or even downright bad. The word “Gospel” comes from a combination of two Old English words, “Gud” and “Spiel”, meaning “Good News”.  Old English was similar to the German spoken by our cousins, which has changed less as a language than has ours. As an example, Ashkenazi Jews from central Europe spoke a slang form of  a German dialect called Yiddish, and the word “spiel” still exists in Yiddish today as a term meaning a talk, a digression, or verbal presentation. Likewise, “Gud” in German is still “Gut”, and today, for us, it’s all good.


As Christians, especially as Christian Identists who know that we can skip ahead to the back of the book and see that eventually, we are going to win, we are commanded to remain happy warriors. We aren’t supposed to be discouraged, or become defeatists and give up. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how some of today’s news stories are actually much greater occasions to celebrate than you might have thought.


The most liberal, anti-White Pope in remembered history has declared that the Catholic Church not only needs to soften its tone on homosexuality, but should actually apologize to practicing homosexuals for traditional Christian teachings on sodomy, and ask for their forgiveness. Pope Frances is expected to follow up this shocking change in doctrine by asking other groups, including nonWhites, for forgiveness on behalf of Christianity. This, if any more evidence was needed, should serve as final proof to Christians that their organized Church leadership has completely abandoned traditional scriptural teaching, and is working contrary to God’s will. In the Book of Revelations we are told that this will happen, as AntiChrists arise and seek to lead God’s people astray while simultaneously organizing His enemies against them. Let us give praise to God that He makes His enemies, and ours, so obvious and easy to recognize! What greater blessing can He give us, than to make them so overtly anti-Christ?


In another blow against Globalism and the International Jewish bankers, the citizens of the United Kingdom voted overwhelmingly to regain control over their own borders, immigration policies, and monetary structure by exiting from the European Union in a national referendum. This blow against the bureaucracy, which has become Western Europe’s version of the Soviet Union, was a devastating loss for Jews and other anti-Nationalists in Europe and beyond. “Brexit” demoralizes our enemies and energizes our anti-establishment allies, to show them that the enemy is not omnipotent and can be fought and defeated.


In Sacramento, California, a permitted expression of free speech by White American citizens and taxpayers was attacked by hundreds of nonWhites, Communists, and homosexuals. Although outnumbered more than ten to one, the Nationalists defended themselves manfully. Ten people were hospitalized, with stab wounds and other injuries: all but one of them were from the anti-White side. At the same time, organized illegal immigrants once again attacked a Donald Trump rally in San Diego. Because of the violence, which the heavily outnumbered Whites won, our cause received more (grudgingly sympathetic yet respectful) international media coverage than they would have, had they stood on the capitol steps unopposed for a week. The videos of the conflict were uplifting and inspiring for all White men who are still uncucked enough to have a pulse, as well. Anti-Whites were left laying on the ground, writhing in their own spilled blood. What’s not to like?


Gray-colored mullato Jesse Williams, of “Grey’s Anatomy”, said, while accepting a Black Entertainment Television award for ‘Humanitarianism’, that “we will have equal rights and justice in our country, or we will restructure their function in ours”.  In other words, blacks will rebel or secede and form their own country, just as many have been forecasting, as America balkanizes. The idea that some blacks want to begin to call for their own country in a televised public venue, too, is very encouraging. Everyone sees that this multiracial democracy is coming apart at the seams. Even the blacks it tries to coddle.


Anti-White agitators are working to organize thousands of protesters against the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month, hoping that they can touch enough nationwide violence during their planned “Summer of Chaos” that martial law will be declared, and Obama will remain in power. Should that fail, they plan on holding similar protests outside the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, to intimidate the convention into adopting as liberal and anti-White a party platform for the general election as possible. Worse is better. Whether it’s a Hillary Presidency or martial law, White men need to have their noses rubbed in it and their bottoms spanked in order to be forced to acknowledge that, yes, we did this. Only then will enough of them be willing to fight back. So, let it burn. What cannot fly must fall. This will be the necessary labor pains for our New America to be born.


Some of the priority issues for the professional protesters are: 1. A Federal minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. 2. Forgiveness of all current student loan debt, and free college tuition for all. 3. National mandatory gun registration, waiting periods, and denial of second amendment rights to those the government deems disloyal or untrustworthy. 4. Federal “hate speech” laws designed to prevent language that may be deemed offensive by racial, ethnic, orientation, or identity minorities. Again, bankrupt the country, cause the collapse of the currency, implode the banking system, let it all fall down. Force people’s backs against the wall. Kick them off the fence. Take away even their very symbols of freedom and their steam pressure relief valves. Separate the men from the boys, the patriots from the hobbyists, and the players from those who are deadly serious. Call an end to amateur hour. Let’s play ball.


So, learn to look for the good in all things, knowing that it all is fulfilling the preordained, prewritten will of God, and that all these things must come to pass, before final victory will be ours. Smile and laugh on your way into battle, praising God for the chance. Give Him the Glory for His word being fulfilled, and the blessing to be one of His.

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A devout Dual Seedline Christian Identists, Pastor Paul R. Mullet has made it his mission to bring forth a Christian Identity, and White Nationalism unification. Thru his website, he and his partners in Yahshua the Messiah, have found common ground in combating jewdeo-Christianity, and have formed a new battle axe for Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Pastor Paul R. Mullet is considered by some within the Dual Seedline Christian Identity Theology as a very powerful speaker and writer, a fast moving up and comer. His tireless devotion to his family, farm, faith and kinsmen are clearly heard within his sermons and writings. He lives with his wife and two children, on a modest hobby farm in southern Ohio, some would say the border of what will be the New America for the white race.