What To Do, Now.

What To Do, Now.

By Billy Roper

godfatherJohnny Fontaine: “…Oh, Godfather, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do.”

[Don Corleone stands up and shakes Johnny.]

Don Corleone: [shouting] “YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!!!!”

[Don Corleone slaps Johnny.]


Eight years of an Obama presidency have not healed America’s racial divide. Many well-meaning liberal Whites voted for him, once or twice, not just for the novelty of electing our first (half) black to the oval office, but because they fervently hoped that doing so would placate the continually more grabby and entitled lower primate dindus by ‘proving’ just how non-racist we all were, collectively. Well, it didn’t work. Like the greedy pushers given an inch and demanding a mile which they are, obsolete farm machinery are now more uppity than ever. America is more deeply divided, racially, than we have been in living memory. All of the affirmative action hiring programs, minority set-asides for college admissions, and specific classes and even universities, magazines and tv channels, congressional caucuses, and racially specific organizations aren’t enough for them. Decades of racial integration enforced at bayonet point and indoctrinated into kids in government-run brainwashing mills haven’t succeeded in providing them with a Marxist equality of outcome. So, now they want segregated college dorms, classes, even communities, again, and more, their own black homeland, in the southeastern U.S.. They are undertaking an organized effort to move there, en masse, and take over the local, county, and state governments, just as Hispanics are doing in the southwestern U.S.. That’s them doing it, not because evil racist White supremacists want them to, but because they want to.

When I was a naive young man in College Republicans as an undergrad, I worked as a volunteer for totally cucked flagellant Mike Huckabee, on his failed 1992 U.S. Senate campaign. If you want to know what the atmosphere was like in his campaign headquarters as the results trickled in from far-flung precincts, watch the bunker scene from ‘Downfall’. A quarter century later, some folks still haven’t accepted the fact that we’re not going to be able to vote our way out of this mess. The house always wins.

For all of our lives, the news and entertainment media has been controlled by a very motivated anti-White tribal minority determined to diversify our nation. They’ve skewed elections through what they cover, how they cover it, and what they don’t cover. When they can’t use mass hysteria and virtue signaling suggestion to push a particular candidate and issue just like a marketing firm pushes a product, they simply buy candidates, through very straight-forward campaign contributions, and more subtle bribes. They destroy through scandal and approbation those whom they cannot buy.

I’m not black-pilled. I’m not discouraged. Why? Because this is a GOOD thing.  Follow me, here.

They’ve always miscalculated, over and over again, and as Shakespeare wrote, been “hoisted on their own petard”. Our enemies aren’t omnipotent or omniscient. They are a divided coalition of nonWhites, sexual deviants, and weak-minded altruists spear-headed by homogeneity-destroying Jews who know that they’re much less likely to be pointed out as the ‘other’ and pogromed yet once again in a multiracial society. But their efforts to undermine tradition and support the counterculture for camouflage have ALWAYS created a backlash against them, eventually. They get too cocky, their hubris turns to chutzpah as their contempt for the goyim grows, and sooner or later they just don’t care to stay hidden any longer. They make mistakes. Instead of using shabbos goy frontmen, they have their own serve as Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank for four decades, continuously. They get caught coaching “focus group” participants of supposedly undecided voters after a debate. Their conspiratorial e-mails get hacked and leaked. Internecine warfare breaks out between them. Sooner or later, they put parentheses around their own names, for us. How very helpful of them.

And that is a good thing for us, because over the last few Presidential elections, more and more White Americans have come to understand something crucial, something that  is our responsibility to teach and reinforce. This is what we should do, now. This is the meme we should advance: the system is irreparably broken. The government is irredeemably corrupted. Just as our Founding Fathers discovered hesitantly and begrudgingly, but came to accept around 1770, we can no longer petition the government for a redress of grievances. There is no further solution available through the ballot box.

It’s not just that the electoral college, a bulwark built against mob rule, is specifically designed to circumvent the will of the majority of the voters. It’s not just that, from the Founding Fathers’ original intent, stated very forthrightly in the Naturalization Act of 1790, and doubled down on again five years later, in 1795, that only Whites could be citizens of the United States, it’s now been cheapened. That’s right, U.S. citizenship has been cheapened to the point where any pregnant featherless biped that can waddle across the border and squat and poop out a mongrel maggot has automatically created a U.S. citizen, an anchor baby which will grow up to make its entire family “legal”. Amnesty, in wave after wave, “common sense paths to citizenship”, have made it so that it isn’t even necessary for a hamster to be born in an aquarium in order for it to be officially declared a goldfish. Something that has been so cheapened, and so easily obtained, loses its value, as the Romans discovered in terms of their own rules of citizenship towards the end of their empire, too. It takes nothing but an accident of geography to be an American, so it means nothing much to be an American.

We have two possible futures left in America. One path leads to Yugoslavia, and the other, to Rhodesia. I would ask, challengingly, ‘which one will it to be?’. Perhaps that would motivate you to embrace the coming breakup of America. But you know what? I’m not even going to bother. There’s nothing for you or I to choose. Nothing that I, or all of us together, could do, right now, would speed up the inevitable balkanization process by very much, any more than dipping our oars into the cold Atlantic seawater and paddling towards the iceberg would have caused the “too big to sink” Titanic to go down any faster.

Thomas Paine, one of the rabble-rousers most responsible for accomplishing what Samuel Adams said was the paramount task of an irate, tireless minority necessary to win a revolution, i.e., “keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men”, once famously said to a fellow reluctant rebel who claimed to want peace that “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” Even up to the Continental Congress’s initial meetings, many colonists desperately sought some kind of reapprochement with the King or with parliament. Eventually, grimly, most of them were forced to the hard conclusion that separation was necessary. Some, unable to bear the thought of disloyalty against their government, became Tories, or Loyalists, and fought for the King. Eventually, losing, these patriots, if patriotism is defined by loyalty to one’s government, fled north, and became Canada.

Likewise, even the staunchest southerners promoting States Rights in the middle decade of the nineteenth century had no idea that the disagreement would culminate in another bloody civil war, this one leaving over 620,000 dead. It was a break which few on either side sought, driven by events and differences larger than any single man could bear the responsibility for, or potentially have prevented.

Only three percent of American colonists actually wanted  revolution against their government when war broke out in 1775. The attempt to enforce gun control on the civilian population at Lexington  shifted that. Similarly, only a small percentage of Whites, and a small percentage of blacks, and a small percentage of Hispanics, currently want complete racial separation from one another. Some Whites wish to expand their ‘Pioneer Little Europe’ concept beyond the community level, to encompass the entire Midwest, West, and Upper South to which White flight is ebbing from the southeastern and southwestern corners of a nation being overrun by nonWhites. Some Hispanics want to carry the eagle and snake flag in a reconquista of Aztlan from California to Texas, and are doing a pretty darn good job of displacing the Anglo population there. Some blacks, wanting to have control over their own destiny as a people and to be finally free of what they see as systematic and institutionalized racism, want five states in the deep south for their own ethnostate. Some unforeseen  crisis, natural or man-made, may tip the balance and the percentages on one of those sides or another, too.

And, really, would that be so bad? Is it not smugly condescending and paternalistic to not give African-Americans enough credit to believe they could manage their own society and government capably? Looking back at the history of slavery and Jim Crow laws and the perceived or real White privilege they are forced to contend with daily in a multiracial society, who can tell them that they don’t deserve the opportunity to regain control over their destiny as a people, once again? Is it not racist to say that Hispanics don’t have the right to their very own culturally dominant region, as well?

For the non-nation, multiracial empire which America has become, and for all of its distinct peoples, worse is better. What does that mean? Multiracial democracy does not work, even though, just like some people still insist that Communism is an ideal utopian system if it were just ran correctly, but human nature keeps messing it up, some idealists continue to be in denial of its failure. Those of us who live in the real world know that racism still exists. If anything, it has become continually more virulent, more open, more obvious over the last decade, than ever before. It, too, is an inherent, instinctive part of human nature. The only way to avoid conflict is separation. The system, the government, the establishment which works against separation, and which forces all of the subject peoples of the multiracial empire to live together, is not anything worthy of being preserved or protected. What is it that “conservatives” are trying to conserve, at this point? Yesterday’s liberal position? That’s about it.

This past summer my dad suffered a major hemorrhagic stroke. I was called to come to the hospital, and broke every speed limit between here and there, but for all intents and purposes, he was already brain dead before I got to the ER. He remained hooked up to a ventilator which breathed for him while we looked at his CT scans and consulted with neurologists. His prognosis was grim. He would never get any better. He would never awaken, or smile, or talk to me again. He would never get out of bed, and go to work, any more. He had just enough brain activity left to breathe on his own once every ten minutes, not enough to sustain life. After a long night of prayer and consultation, I made the decision to pull the ventilator. I chose to let him go, rather than trying to keep him alive like that, like a vegetable. The machines could have intervened and kept him breathing for another day or week or month, but as far as I was concerned, my dad was already gone. I pulled the plug, not because I hated him, but on the contrary, because I loved him. He wouldn’t have wanted to live like that. I loved him enough to let him go. I still don’t regret that decision.

Our Founding Fathers wouldn’t want America to live on like this. It will never again be the country it once was. We lack the will to deport fifteen million illegal immigrants, or defend our borders, or to defend the sanctity of unborn life, or the holy union of marriage. I love my country, but it’s already brain dead. Because I love it, I don’t want it to suffer a lingering, drawn out decay and death. I prefer a quicker, more humane end for America. I prefer that we pull the plug. It’s an act of love for what our nation used to be, and necessary in order to make room for what is coming, our New America. It is the curse of greatness that we must step over dead bodies to create new life. We must cleanse the soil with fire, or it will never bear fruit. The government in Washington D.C. is not our nation. Congress is not our nation. The President is not our nation. The Supreme Court is not our nation. Our race is our nation. We are not defined by some imaginary, formerly defended line on a map. We aren’t defined by a Constitution which is either ignored or purposefully misinterpreted in order to further enslave us. We are defined by our common blood. That’s all that really matters.

It’s not that I don’t believe in Trump. I don’t believe in multiracial democracy. I don’t believe in America, any more. Not what it has become, irreversibly. Adolf Hitler himself could be running for President, and win, and he wouldn’t be able to turn things around.

As President, Hillary Clinton will move to attack the first amendment by having her own left-wing Supreme Court appointees overturn the Citizens United ruling, then work on federal hate speech laws, first by censoring online speech under the auspices of fighting online radicalization of potential terrorists, then by going after politically incorrect speech of all types. The second part of her one-two combination punch  will be to limit the second amendment by expanding terrorist watch lists to include those cited for hate speech violations, and denying them their second amendment rights, which those same liberal Supreme Court justices will have ruled doesn’t apply to private citizens, anyway, by overturning the Heller ruling. Gun show loopholes and online loopholes won’t even make the front page. We haven’t really learned much from 1775, after all. At the same time, racial divisions will deepen as serious discussions of reparations for slavery, already demanded of the U.S. by the United Nations, begin. That may well be just what White Americans need to be ‘woke’. Not all of them. Maybe not even most of them, at first. But, well over that historically magic 3% mark.

You see, electing a moderate, or even a sincere conservative, would only prolong the inevitable. Since every day the White percentage of the U.S. population decreases, from my people’s perspective, the longer we put this off, like two adolescents circling, each daring the other guy to hit him first, the fewer of my people there are, and the less territory we will hold onto, eventually, as our new nation, which will be demographically back to the way the U.S. was around 1960. That is, at least 90% White.

Do you begin to see, now, why I say that “worse is better”? I know that some right-wing organization leaders who use multiple names and still seek some fantasy way of voting a particular region of the nation independent don’t like to hear it, but it’s the truth. Our future doesn’t lie in the ballot box, but rather in the bullet box. Right now, though, there’s nothing we can do to speed up the process, and nothing that the elites, even if they woke up, realized the avalanche they had begun, and tried to stop it, could do to put the genie back in the bottle, either. The only question is, “when?”.

Another conservative, another Republican, would just give some people the false hope that we can fix this, and everything will be okay. Then they’d become complacent, again, and lazy. Our job, what we need to do, starting right now, is to tell them that things are NOT going to be okay, the system can’t be fixed, the establishment has it rigged six ways to Sunday. Illegal immigrants and dead people vote, as do room temperature IQ useless eaters, but even their votes don’t make any difference. If voting could fix anything, they already would have made it illegal. Breaking up, as the song says, isn’t easy to do. But the whole stinking, rotting, corrupt edifice has to come down. President Hillary will be our perfect poster child to do that.  Her shrill, strident, bitter ex-wife voice will be their wake-up call. She’ll help us teach them the hard lesson, that we have irreconcilable differences. And that, in the final analysis, is why worse is better.

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A devout Dual Seedline Christian Identists, Pastor Paul R. Mullet has made it his mission to bring forth a Christian Identity, and White Nationalism unification. Thru his website divine-truth.org, he and his partners in Yahshua the Messiah, have found common ground in combating jewdeo-Christianity, and have formed a new battle axe for Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Pastor Paul R. Mullet is considered by some within the Dual Seedline Christian Identity Theology as a very powerful speaker and writer, a fast moving up and comer. His tireless devotion to his family, farm, faith and kinsmen are clearly heard within his sermons and writings. He lives with his wife and two children, on a modest hobby farm in southern Ohio, some would say the border of what will be the New America for the white race.

Pastor Paul R. Mullet

A devout Dual Seedline Christian Identists, Pastor Paul R. Mullet has made it his mission to bring forth a Christian Identity, and White Nationalism unification. Thru his website divine-truth.org, he and his partners in Yahshua the Messiah, have found common ground in combating jewdeo-Christianity, and have formed a new battle axe for Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Pastor Paul R. Mullet is considered by some within the Dual Seedline Christian Identity Theology as a very powerful speaker and writer, a fast moving up and comer. His tireless devotion to his family, farm, faith and kinsmen are clearly heard within his sermons and writings. He lives with his wife and two children, on a modest hobby farm in southern Ohio, some would say the border of what will be the New America for the white race.

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  • October 11, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Check this out. It was just confirmed that Silverstein, the Jewish NBC Executive Producer, gave the Trump Tapes from 2005 to Campbell Brown, an NBC reporter and converted Jewess who is married to Dan Senor, a Jewish puppeteer who formerly worked for AIPAC and Neo-Cons Bush and Romney after being promoted by Jew Kristol. Senor then gave the tapes to a Jewish reporter for the Washington Post named Farenholdt, who went public with them when they were needed to distract from the wickileaks release of Hillary’s quotes about being for open borders and having one view for the public and one in private. Now, guess who Senor works for, currently? Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Yeah, the fix is in, folks. It’s beautiful in its intricacy and simplicity, as well as its thoroughness.


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